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Yenny Wahid is Chosen to Receive Award from Japanese Government

 On the official website of the Japanese Government, Friday (20/08/2021), it is written that the woman whose full name is Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh is considered successful to reduce the tendency of radicalism and violence through the Peace Village Program.

The center of gravity of this program is women’s economic empowerment, women’s leadership development, and women’s protection from gender-based violence.

Initiated by UN Women, with support from Japanese Government since 2017, “Peace Village Program has been running very well in several villages of several regions in Indonesia,” said Yenny Wahid, who is a Harvard University alumna.

According to the daughter of President Abdurrahman Wahid, with women as the main subject of the program, “Peace Village initiative has built an innovative mechanism to prevent extremism and radicalism on the early grassroot level.”

Through Wahid Foundation, founded in 2004, Yenny is known to have been working hard echoing the spirit of pluralism democracy, multiculturalism, and tolerance. Not only to the moderate Muslim groups, but also to all elements of Indonesian society.

Responding to the award from Japanese Government on the Peace Village Program, “I take this as the award for many women who have contributed and dedicated their lives to this program,” she said. “They are the ones who deserve this award. I receive this award on behalf of them.”

Yenny also expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Japanese Government. “I was very surprised. I did not expect that the Japanese Government paid close attention to this program.”

In the official website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is also mentioned that Yenny has contributed a significant role in promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Indonesia.

Since 2015, she has been contributing enormously in promoting friendly relationship between Japan and Indonesia through several cooperation, such as her partnership with The Japan Foundation.

She has also helped to enforce the international cooperation of Japan, including as member of the United Nations (UN).

The 2021 Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs award was given to 177 figures and 41 groups.

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