Our Goal

The long-term goal of the Peace Village program is to create a democratic and just society that upholds the values of tolerance of diversity and peace. This goal was translated into the establishment of Peace Villages in Indonesia.

The main actors of the Peace Village program  are women. This program creates peace cadres from women in the Peace Villages, who will promote tolerance and peace, in order to establish solid social cohesion. These peace cadres are directly involved in and gain reinforcement through organizations and training sessions to strengthen the capacity of women's groups in the villages.

In addition, the Peace Village program also develops economic empowerment programs in the form of microcredit and entrepreneurship schemes. This program acts as a bridge to encourage interactions among groups of different ethnicities, religions, and beliefs. Collaborations among government, civil society and private sector actors are part of the program. Therefore, in many of the activities of the program, they involve representatives of the government, social and religious organizations, and the private sector.