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Hearing with the Ministry of Womens Empowerment and Child Protection, WF Explores Collaboration

Jakarta- The Wahid Foundation visited the office of the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) to conduct an audience on Wednesday afternoon, (10/04). The WF representative who attended the hearing was received by Ratna Susianawati, Deputy for the Protection of Women's Rights.

On this occasion, Visna Vulovik, as the WF representative explained, that the Peace Village development implementation program which has been running since 2017 in several villages spread across several provinces such as in Central Java, East Java, West Java, and South Kalimantan has succeeded in obtaining some pretty good abilities and developments. One of them was the formation of Women Crisis Centers in several villages and an increase in the number of female volunteers which reached almost 60%.

The WCC was formed as a response to the large amount of violence that has occurred against women. While structurally, it involves various elements of society consisting of women's representatives, village officials, and the Peace Village youth community, religious and community leaders.

On the other hand, one of the objectives of implementing the WF Peaceful Village Program is an effort the process of implementing community-based RAN PE and RAN P3AKS at the village/kelurahan level. So that in efforts to prevent violence-based extremism and gender-based violence and TPKS in the community, the Peace Village program makes women the main actors. This is also a medium in efforts to strengthen women's sentiments and leadership to enhance social cohesion in society.

Regarding this DRPPA, Mz Fanani as the Peace Village Program Officer also provided information that in implementing this Peaceful Village program, one of the peaceful villages in Sukoharjo had started to initiate the Sukoharjo DPPKBP3A related to this DRPPA.

Mrs. Ratna Susianawati, Deputy for the Protection of Women's Rights at the Ministry of Empowerment and Protection of Women and Children, welcomed the Peace Village development program and proposed cooperation with the Wahid Foundation, especially in implementing Women Peace and Security (WPS) through the RAN P3AKS. One form of this collaboration will be carried out again in the side event of the ASEAN Summit, especially related to the WPS theme. Peace Village made by WF and Women and Child-Friendly Village (DRPPA) as an initiative of KPPPA will be two villages that are included in the WPS agenda which will be held in the middle of this year in Yogyakarta. The establishment of this collaboration is a form of WF and KPPPA's commitment to realizing equality and justice for the Indonesian people, especially for women's groups.

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