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Nglinggi Peace Village, Klaten Selatan Sub-district, Klaten Regency, has been declared a pilot project for the Cultural Peace Village of the Directorate General for Development of Specific Areas (PDTu), Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendesa PDTT). The Directorate General for PDTu of Kemendesa chose Nglinggi Village as a form of affirmation of the program policy of the Wahid Foundation that has provided assistance in Nglinggi as a Peace Village since 2017. In early 2021, Nglinggi Village will develop the Cultural Peace Village Action Plan (RADes). This action plan is a progressive step from the application of the nine indicators of the Cultural Peace Village, which is the result of the collaboration of four parties, namely the Wahid Foundation, the Directorate General for PDTu Kemendesa PDTT, Klaten Regency, and Nglinggi Village.

 The Wahid Foundation invited the Klaten Regency government to support the Cultural Peace Village program for the prevention of social conflicts and to promote the Peace Village as a community mechanism in encouraging the realization of gender justice and peace in society through strengthening the values of local wisdom and local culture. This was conveyed by Mujtaba Hamdi, the Executive Director of the Wahid Foundation, during the declaration of the Cultural Peace Village on Friday, December 11, 2020 in Nglinggi Village, South Klaten District, Klaten Regency, Central Java. This activity was attended by Hasrul Edyar as the Regional Secretary of Klaten Regency, the Director of Management of Post-Conflict Areas, Directorate General of PDTu, Ministry of Village PDTT, Representatives of Peaceful Villages in Klaten, Representatives of Muspika, Klaten Selatan District, Klaten Police and community groups.

 "The establishment of the Peace Village, which was initiated in 2017, is a kind of grassroots community initiative to commit to maintaining and fostering tolerance and peace in their environment. In realizing peace in society, it is impossible for us to come directly to the residents and just give a lecture. When people feel discouraged for their future or experience economic difficulties, they are easily provoked to take radical actions. So, a social-economic intervention is absolutely necessary. That is why we start through empowerment of the local economy and culture. We try to glue people together slowly and then make them communicate with each other despite their different backgrounds. What we do is combine different groups so that they greet each other in their daily lives. From there, the understanding that we are actually the same is created. The human side that is highlighted," added Mujtaba Hamdi.

 Kemendesa PDTT appreciated the initiative made by the Wahid Foundation in the Peace Village program. They considered that preserving the values of local wisdom and the Peace village could be a prototype for realizing peace in a participatory manner.

 In Central Java, the Peace Village program was initiated in Klaten Regency. With the support of the UN Women and Klaten Regency government in 2018, Nglinggi Village became the first pioneer to declare itself a Peace Village that puts culture as the spearhead of unifying society. With great support, the Directorate General of PDTu of Kemendesa PDTT then inaugurated the name Cultural Peace Village as a form of appreciation, considering it a superior initiative, launched virtually last September 2020, of the ministry. The hope is that this Cultural Peace Village will become a joint laboratory to realize the Peace Village program and instill the values of local wisdom and local culture to prevent conflicts and build peace. The principles of peace and culture can later be integrated into the village action plan or even be adopted in village regulations.

 The Nglinggi Cultural Peace Village Declaration event was held on a limited basis with the COVID-19 health protocols and was enlivened with traditional dances and songs. The completion of the Nglingi Cultural Peace Village inauguration was done by signing a joint commitment of four parties, cutting tumpeng, and releasing ten (10) doves and balloons into the air.


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Peace Village initiative aims to tackle the threat of radicalism by empowering communities, one village at a time, through cultivating social cohesion, community resilience, as well as promoting societal equality and respect for diversity.

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