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Wahid Foundation Declares Tipes Village as Peace Village Together with Governor of Central Java and Mayor of Surakarta

Director of Wahid Foundation, Yenny Wahid, together with Ganjar Pranowo, Governor of Central Java, and Gibran Rakabuming Raka, Mayor of Surakarta, declares Tipes Village as Peace Village at Pringgodani Playground, Peace Village, Serengan, Surakarta on Saturday (09/10).

 The declaration was marked with the ceremony for the water of peace and the signing of Tipes Peace Village Inscription by Yenny Wahid, together with Gibran and Ganjar.

 The program, which has been running since 2017, is initiated by Wahid Foundation in cooperation with UN Women with the aim to develop the people’s security, according to Yenny.

 “The program’s (Peace Village) initiation, which is being undertaken by us, aims to develop people’s security and resilience from the potency of various conflicts and crises in the middle of the society. Thus, when there are crises, the people can survive. When there are challenges, the people can overcome them,” said Yenny.

 People’s security, according to Yenny, can be developed through 3 foundations, which are the people’s economy-strengthening, the development of peace, and women’s participation.

 “When the people are prosperous, living in harmony, and the women are empowered, we are certain that they will also live securely and in peace,” Yenny added while explaining the three foundations of the Wahid Foundation Peace Village Program.

 Besides that, Yenny explained that in creating peace within the society, there should be a conflict-prevention mechanism developed for the people.

 “In order to continue living in harmony, there should be a special mechanism within the society, such as conflict-prevention mechanism and special mechanism to protect the people from various negative influences from outside, so the Head of Village will know when a conflict or even a riot occurs, who to call and what actions should be taken. From there, the attitude of mutual respect, appreciation, and tolerance will appear,” she said.

 Moreover, Yenny also highlights the importance of women empowerment in her program of Wahid Foundation.

 “When women are empowered, there will be many advantages. They will be able to provide not only for their families but also for people around them,” she added.

She gave an example of when a woman is empowered, it will have a direct effect on her family. Such as deciding the education for her children and propelling the economy of her family.

 Listening to that, Ganjar Pranowo fully supports the steps taken by Yenny Wahid in Wahid Foundation’s Peace Village Program.

He thinks this Peace Village declaration is excellent for all villages to create similar activities.

 “It will be wonderful if all of our villages in Central Java can create similar activities to this. When the villages are more peaceful, they will live in harmony and Tipes Village will be the primary example,” said Ganjar Pranowo.

 Moreover, Ganjar also thinks that when the people are living in peace and harmony, the development of every village will be easier and better.

 “I really appreciate the attempts done by Wahid Foundation, specifically by empowering the women and by the development of conflict-management mechanisms that have positive effects on the people to live in harmony. When the people are safe, peaceful, and live in harmony, the development will be easy,” said Ganjar in response to Yenny Wahid’s explanation.

 Ganjar is really sure that if all villages do the same things that have been done by the Peace Village, the harmonious and peaceful life will be achieved by the society.

 Additionally, Gibran, Mayor of Solo, also supports the Peace Village Program by Wahid Foundation. He fully supports the approach done by Wahid Foundation to prevent violence extremism through the approach of prosperity and introduction to diversity to the people.

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