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Wahid Foundation Will Continuously Promote Peace

Director of Wahid Foundation, Yenny Wahid, said that the civil organization she leads will continue working together with the citizens to promote peace and strengthen solidarity across many identities; so, justice and welfare for all people can be achieved.

It was mentioned by Yenny during the commemoration event of the birth of the 4th President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) which is also a celebration for Wahid Foundation’s 17th anniversary, on Tuesday (7/9/2021). “The commemoration of the birth of Gus Dur is not an ordinary commemoration. Today is the moment for Wahid Foundation, which also celebrates its 17th anniversary, and all of us to continue to pursue Gus Dur’s aspirations to make our nation a peaceful, righteous and prosperous nation,” said the woman whose full name is Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh Rahman Wahid.

Wahid Foundation, which was previously known as Wahid Institute, was built as a civil organization by Gus Dur on 7 September 2004 to manifest his aspirations to build a peaceful, righteous and prosperous Indonesia. The lowering of the great banner written with “Happy Birthday Gus Dur and 17th Anniversary of Wahid Foundation” at Mandala Krida Stadium by rock climbing athletes from Indonesia Rock Climbing Federation Yogyakarta (Federasi Panjat Tebing Indonesia/FPTI) also brighten up the event.

Next, the event is followed by the cutting of nasi tumpeng at Taraman Cafe, Sleman, DIY Yogyakarta, which was joined by Minister of Religious Affairs Yaqout Cholil Qoumas, UN Women Representative and Liaison for ASEAN Jamshed M Kazi, and CEO of The Indonesian Channel Dalton Tanonaka.

In many opportunities, Yenny also always invites every element of the society to strengthen solidarity. She values people’s solidarity as the main source for Indonesia to successfully face many challenges such as the currently ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

17 villages mentored by Wahid Foundation under Peace Village Program from across 4 provinces in Java also prayed together online during commemoration of Gus Dur’s birthday that was broadcasted live through YouTube and Facebook. In the future, Wahid Foundation as a civil organization is committed to contribute for the nation in embedding peace and justice values in the society.

Senior Expert Staff of 5th Deputy at Presidential Staff Office Rumadi Ahmad said that Wahid Foundation has been working beyond the ideas stage. “Wahid Foundation, as we know, has not only been working on the thinking and ideas stage only, as they have been helping the society through empowerment program like Peace Village. We sincerely hope the blessings that Gus Dur aspires us to have can be felt more by the people,” said Rumadi, who has worked for Wahid Foundation too before.

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