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Gus Durs daughter Yenny Wahid visits Sidomulyo Peace Village

Yenny Wahid, daughter of former President Abdur Rachman Wahid (Gus Dur) and Director of the Wahid Foundation, on Sunday (11/1/2020) visited Sidomulyo Village in Batu City, Batu District.

According to Siti Yulaikah, who is familiarly called Yuli (Coordinator of the Peace Village, Sidomulyo Village, Batu City),"The arrival of Ms. Yenny had actually been planned since early 2020, unfortunately,  because of COVID-19 pandemic, she could not come earlier. Yesterday afternoon, her staff told us that she would be at the Peace Monument at 2 PM sharp after attending the NU Rakernas Muslimat in Batu City."

"She visited a women's group in the Peace Village and the Peace Monument Peace Monument, built in 2017, which consists of nine Gus Dur’s values, a Gus Dur statue and an inscription as a peace symbol in Sidomulyo Village. Sidomulyo is a village assisted  by Wahid Foundation. Wahid Foundation has been providing assistance to its women's groups as agents of peace in order to strengthen their economy. We did not have time to welcome her properly due to the sudden notification of her arrival. After that, she saw the farms and farmer stands in Sidomulyo Village, "said Siti Yulaikah.

The Village Head of Sidomulyo Suharto and representatives of the Sidomulyo Village women's groups were present during her visit.

Reporter : Arif Erwinadi

This article is taken from katusba.com

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