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Because Women Must Also Be Knowledgeable

One thing that was regretted by Latifah (32), the mother assisted by the Wahid Foundation in the Peace Village program in Prancak Village, Sumenep, was getting married at an early age. The lack of understanding that women also need to gain knowledge and not just do a wife’s role to breed and to cook, had made the mother of one child got married at the age of 17 years.

"I just found out that women must also be educated since I became an assisted member of the Wahid Foundation’s program," said Latifah, who has been the Wahid Foundation’s family member for two years. The woman, who works as a chili and rice farmer, said that the lack of information and communication infrastructure hampered the flow of information about the importance of self-development, especially for women.

Therefore, parents have very important roles in educating and providing information to their children. Information about the recommended marriage age may be too late to Latifah, but some other information such as parenting obtained from the training provided by the Wahid Foundation is not too late for her to apply.

"Previously I was not impatient with children. I pinched them when I lost my patience. But now, I don’t do that anymore. I am more patient. If parents are rude, children can be more difficult to manage," Latifah added.

Latifah further expressed her gratitude for being supported by the Wahid Foundation. There are so many training skills that are applicable in everyday life. In addition to parenting, there is also a training course on finance management. It is about how to manage income so that family expenses are more controlled.

One of the trainings conducted outside the city, such as Jakarta at the end of last year, more or less has broadened Debi's mother’s horizons as she met with women from other cities. These women discussed about the problems of their respective villages and found the solutions together. As a result, Latifah's knowledge about the world outside of Sumenep has increased.

"I am only a farmer, but I hope my child can be more successful than me. This is what motivates me to empower myself through training by the Wahid Foundation, "Latifah concluded enthusiastically.

By Ester Pandiangan

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