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Candirenggo’s Village Headman Introduced Candira Task Force during Indonesian Police Headquarters’ Visit

Indonesian Police Headquarter Representative, The Head of Sabhara Baharkam Corps, Inspector General Nanang Avianto, visited the Candirenggo Village, Singosari, on Monday afternoon (19/07/2021). The purpose of the visit is to inspect and monitor the Restriction Towards Community Activities in several areas in East Java, especially in Malang, among others.

“I was commanded to observe the restrictions direct in Malang Police jurisdiction. The goal is to see whether the imposed Emergency Restrictions and tracing run smoothly,” Explained Inspector General Nanang Avianto.

Other than Sabhara Baharkam Corps, East Java Chief of Police, Malang Resort Police Chief, and Singosari Sector Police Chief also accompanied the Indonesian Police Headquarters’ visit to Candirenggo village. Furthermore, Singosari Sub-District Head, District Leaders and Military Wards representatives also participated in welcoming the group of the Indonesian Police Headquarters.

Candirenggo Village was chosen as the destination because of the result of the recommendation by Singosari Sector Police Head. The Sector Police reported that the participation of Candirenggo residents should be appreciated as they are actively involved in imposing the restriction, thus gained attention from the Indonesian Police Headquarters.

According to Singosari Police Sector Head, Police Commissioner Octa Panjaitan, one of the forms of the direct participations of the residents is Candira Task Force. The task force was formed to prevent and handle conflicts, violence, and to protect women, children, and other susceptible groups. Candira Task Force joined with Covid-19 Task Force and Woman and Children Protection services to impose the Emergency Restrictions by providing support and logistics for the out patients in self isolation and educate the village residents in the ways to prevent the spread Covid-19.

Mariati, Candirenggo Headwomen, explained the pillars that involved in the prevention of Covid-19 in Candirenggo Village, and introduced the Candira Taskforce to Sabhara Baharkam Corps and the Indonesian Police Headquarter groups.

“The prevention and management of Covid-19 in Candirenggo village involves four managing pillars, which are Muspika (District Leaders Committee), Singosari Hospital, Candirenggo Covid Task Force, and Candira Task Force—which consist of local residents of the village. This people’s movement was initiated in Peace Village Program as a form of collaboration with Wahid Foundation to prevent and assess conflict and violence, and to protect women, children and susceptive groups in Candirenggo,” Mariati explained.

Other than that, Mariati also explained the resident’s synergy with the local governance can be seen through the donation from several business owners in Candirenggo to help others who are affected by Covid-19.

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