Peace Village initiative aims to tackle the threat of radicalism by empowering communities, one village at a time, through cultivating social cohesion, community resilience, as well as promoting societal equality and respect for diversity.

This initiative puts Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) strategic vision into very concrete action. It employs a well-crafted approach combining three vital components in building enduring resilience in the community: economic improvement, peace building social mechanism and women empowerment.

Peace Village purposefully places women as the main actors in building peace in the family, community and local governance. Women are engaged to foster their abilities to become economically independent, to be actively participate in communal decision making and to creatively develop peace narratives.

At the same time, the village government is encouraged to integrate peace values into its policy. These concerted efforts are strengthened further by connecting significant stakeholders from grassroots leaders, local government, regional and national governments as well as international agencies.