Caring for Peace through Economic Empowerment


"The economic gap is what makes the village vulnerable to conflicts," said a teacher and housewife from Sumenep. She continued, "With the movement of creative groups and household businesses, the community becomes stronger, united, and cooperative."

Her name is Mrs. Uswatun Hasanah. She and other women in the village, with the solidarity of now undergo various activities, the results of which can be enjoyed by many families. They have learned new knowledge and skills about entrepreneurship by joining the Wahid Peace-loving Cooperative (KCD).

KCD Wahid is a cooperative that was established in the middle of 2013. By and large, as a Cooperative, KCD Wahid wants its members to prosper. However, there is another approach taken in presenting and developing KCD Wahid together with women's groups in the village. The economic empowerment and social cohesion embodied in the management of the KCD Wahid is a way for Wahid Foundation to foster values of tolerance and peace at the grassroots level.

"When people feel alienated and desperate for their future, they become easily provoked to carry out radical actions. Therefore, economic intervention is absolutely necessary and it is why we get involved through economic empowerment, "said Yenny Wahid, Director of Wahid Foundation when referring to the strategic role of the Cooperative as a part of the WISE (Women Participation for Inclusive Society) program. Through the WISE program, Wahid Foundation initiated the emergence of the "Peace Village" in various villages in the Provinces of West Java, Central Java and East Java.

KCD Wahid carries the vision to create a prosperous, tolerant, and peace-loving society. There are three main program strategies utilised by KCD Wahid, namely microfinance, community organization, and social entrepreneurship.

Yenny revealed that KCD Wahid has slowly bonded the community together and facilitated people in communicating with each other. Various groups in the community have mingled and exchanged greetings with one another in everyday life. Through such actions, there is a growing awareness of equality and togetherness.

 By Nurdiyansah Dalidjo



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Peace Village initiative aims to tackle the threat of radicalism by empowering communities, one village at a time, through cultivating social cohesion, community resilience, as well as promoting societal equality and respect for diversity.

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