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Head of the West Java Womens Empowerment and Child Protection and Family Planning Agency DP3AKB and the Wahid Foundation Campaign Against Violence Against Women and Children

Bogor - Head of the West Java Women's Empowerment and Child Protection and Family Planning Agency (DP3AKB), Siska Grefianti, stated that there were many problems experienced by women that must be resolved by the government and community institutions.

This was conveyed by Siska in her role as a speaker during the training on the prevention of violent extremism and legal literacy for the Peace Village working groups in West Java with the title "Strengthening the capacity of the Working Group on Prevention of Intolerance and Violent Extremism, Women's Rights, and Community-Based Protection Mechanisms". This event was held by the Wahid Foundation on Saturday night, (03/27) at Whiz Prime Hotel in Bogor, West Java.

Siska emphasized that the role of the local government was crucial in preventing and countering violence experienced by women. However, she stated that the government cannot work alone, because reducing the number of violent acts against women and children is a shared responsibility.

"Reducing the number of violent acts against women and children, and increasing women’s empowerment, is a shared responsibility. We hope that in the future, we can collaborate to do this," said Siska.

She added that violence against women and children can be caused by many things and can happen to anyone regardless of their social or economic status.

"Violence can occur in any family, whether poor or rich, religious or not, whether educated or not, living in the city or in the countryside, at school, or maybe on campus," said Siska when asked to explain the causes of violence against women and children.

According to Siska, the government has been working hard through a number of programs to fulfill women’s rights, as well as empowering and protecting women and children from violence. In fact, the West Java Women's Empowerment and Child Protection and Family Planning Agency (DP3AKB) has initiated a number of programs, such as the School for Women to Achieve Dreams and Goals (Sekoper Cinta) and the Integrated Service Unit for the Protection of Women and Children (which provides consultation services, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration for victims of violence). They also coordinate with other stakeholders, conduct awareness raising campaigns to report cases of violence, and facilitate direct reporting access through a direct telephone number.

On the other hand, according to Siska, there are many other parties besides the government that carry out the same programs or efforts to fulfill women’s rights, and empower and protect women and children. However, they work independently and without any coordination.

"Through this opportunity, I invite all elements of society to collaborate and work together to empower and protect women and children in order to prevent and stop cases of violence against women and children and get maximum results," Siska emphasized when she closed her session as a speaker in the training.

Meanwhile, Wahid Foundation's Senior Campaign and Advocacy Officer, Siti Kholisoh said, the activity held at Whiz Prime Hotel Bogor was also intended to coincide with the celebration of the International Women's Day.

"This is the right time to call for women in the present era to challenge themselves in order to answer problems, such as poverty, educational inequality, the global economy, unemployment and cases of gender-based violence," she added.

The Training on the prevention of violent extremism; and legal literacy is part of the Peace Village/Kelurahan program. This program has been implemented by the Wahid Foundation since 2017. The Wahid Foundation has been collaborating with UN Woman to create peace in society and implement the Women Participation for Inclusive Society (WISE) program - GUYUB with targets in 3 provinces: West Java (Bogor and Depok), Central Java (Solo Raya) and East Java (Malang Raya and Sumenep).

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