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Wahid Foundation Form WCC Omah Tentrem in Kelurahan Tingkir

Kelurahan (Urban Village) Tingkir Lor launches "Women Crisis Center Omah Tentrem" in collaboration with Wahid Foundation on Wednesday (15/03). The establishment of the WCC Omah Tentrem is a form of concern from the community of Tingkir Lor and is also an effort to raise awareness among other members of the community who are less aware. It also serves to prevent, protect, accompany and monitor cases of violence against women and children, especially in Tingkir Lor and the surrounding areas. This activity is part of the implementation of the Peace Village program which was started in 2021. The launch event and inauguration of WCC Omah Tentrem were conducted by the Acting Mayor of Salatiga, Sinoeng Rachmadi, who at the same time also launched the "Kelurahan Super Tangguh" program with the supervision of the Salatiga Health Department.

In his opening speech, M.Z Fanani, the Program Officer of the Wahid Foundation, stated that "In principle, the goal of the Peace Village program is not much different from what the Super Tangguh program seeks to accomplish. Because when the community is resilient, it will be able to build strength and independence in order to respond to issues or cases that occur in the community, whether such issues are the ones that are currently rampant, issues related to radicalism and so on, or specifically on gender-based violence and sexual violence. And as of today, WCC Omah Tentrem stands as one of the prime efforts in building Kelurahan Tingkir Lor into a resilient community."

Meanwhile, the Acting Mayor of Salatiga hopes that the Peace Village program, which is manifested in forms such as the WCC and various health services conducted in the Super Tangguh program with its Gardu Gira, is not just a ceremonial program. He hopes that these programs can collaborate and be sustainable and have a real impact on the local community, especially for Kelurahan Tingkir Lor, and the people of Salatiga in general. "Let's work for each other, care for each other and do more for each other, let's work for Indonesia so that Salatiga becomes a major contributor in working together to build the city and nation as a form of honouring Pancasila," said Sinoeng Rachmadi.

In addition, Sinoeng believes that proper authorities should not only act when there are issues that need solving but that they also need to mitigate or prepare contingencies to be carried out in order to reduce the potential for danger against women and children. "I believe that Wahid Foundation and the PKK should not only act when an issue arises but also build anticipatory steps in order to help reduce the potential for problems and violence against women and children."

Before the event was closed with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a joint commitment was signed regarding Strengthening Justice and Protection Services for Women and Children in Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence.

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