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Wahid Foundation Declares Mojorejo Peace Village Together with Mayor of Batu

Mojorejo Village of Junrejo District at Batu is declared as Peace Village by Wahid Foundation and Chief of Batu, Dewanti Rumpoko, at The Mojorejo Village Hall on Saturday (4/09/2021). 

The declaration was marked with the signing of Mojorejo Peace Vilage epigraph by Executive Director of Wahid Foundation, Mujtaba Hamdi, Chief of Batu, Dewanti Rumpoko, Mojorejo Village Chief, Rujito, and Head of Mojorejo’s Women Forum, Yuni Purwaningsih.

Mujtaba Hamdi stated that the Mojorejo Peace Village declaration is part of the Peace Village Program initiated by Wahid Foundation (WF) since 2017, which is also an attempt from WF to strengthen people’s resilience from the spreading of extremism ideology.

“Peace Village Program that we initiated since 2017 is the embodiment of our commitment to make the society to have resilience towards extremism ideology,” said Hamdi during his welcoming speech on the Mojorejo Peace Village’s inauguration.

Mujtaba also stated that the Peace Village Program has been contributing to the nation’s development. This program is in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as better education quality, gender strengthening, economy strengthening, decreasing inequality, institution strengthening, peace strengthening and violence prevention.

With the declaration of Mojorejo as Peace Village, there are in total 3 villages in 3 districts of Batu which have been Peace Villages of Wahid Foundation Peace Village Program.

Dewanti Rumpoko, who also gave a welcoming speech at the inauguration, hopes that the Wahid Foundation Peace Village Concept can be implemented and adopted by all villages in Batu and make Batu to be safe, peaceful and prosperous.

“Wahid Foundation Peace Village Program refers to the SDGs that is essential for the society, especially women and youth empowerment including strengthening of women’s economy. Therefore, to make Batu peaceful and prosperous, I really hope all villages in Batu will adopt this Peace Village Program,” she said.

In the meantime, Mojorejo Village Chief, Rujito, conveys that his village and all the villagers welcome the Peace Village Program with open arms. According to him, with the Peace Village Program it is hoped that the people’s prosperity can be increased, and the importance of peace value is echoed. Also, it is also very important to have more women empowered and their financial condition is to be strengthened.

“This Peace Village declaration is a starting point to improve people’s prosperity, especially in the economic sector, echoing peace, and the very important women empowerment. The three things are the essentials of the development goals. For this reason, we welcome this program with open arms,” he concluded.


The Peace Village Program initiated by Wahid Foundation is supported by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). In the future, this program will focus to build early vigilance mechanism that is in accordance with Human Security Approach (HSA).


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