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Dont Limit Womens Space

This is the message conveyed by the Regent of Klaten, Hj. Sri Mulyani to the men through Kabar Kampung, Friday (2/8) after the Peace Village book launch. "In fact, as a husband and a good partner, a man should be willing to be part of his wife's progress," explained Hj. Sri Mulyani.

Actually, according to her, women have strong potential as leaders. As we can see that women act as family treasurers in the households. Women are not just konco wingking but they are equal and quality partners. If women are empowered, husbands will also be happy because they have smart and equal partners in managing the households.

Even so, Hj. Sri Mulyani reminded the women not to forget their nature to take care of their families. Career and family must be balanced because women are the key to peace and the family glue.

Related to women's empowerment and the Peace Village initiative carried out by the Wahid Foundation, Hj. Sri Mulyani expressed her appreciation for the hard work of the Wahid Foundation and UN Women in empowering women in Nglinggi, Gemblegan, and Jetis Villages. She also hoped that 391 villages and 10 kelurahans in Klaten can join the Peace Village declaration. "Klaten is the pillar of Central Java, if Klaten is peaceful, Central Java will be peaceful, and Indonesia, if God wills it, will also be peaceful," she concluded.

By: Ester Pandiangan

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